What Type Of Bike Is Best For You?

Buying a bike cannot be improvised: the type of bike you choose and its characteristics will depend on the use you make of it. It is also an investment: it is better to learn carefully, compare and, if necessary, test!

Some Generalities

bikeThe frame: the steel is heavier but cash better shocks. The lighter aluminum frame will be usefully supplemented with a suspension that will help cushion the shock (very useful on paved routes!)

Speeds: If you drive mainly in the city and for commercial journeys, 7 or 8 speeds will suffice, which will allow you to opt for a gearbox integrated into the hub (which does not derail and allows to change gears at the same time. ‘stop). If you plan to hike in hilly terrain, opt for a classic derailleur, which combines trays (at the front) and gears (at the rear) to reach up to 27 speeds.

Brakes: Several systems exist, but the most widespread is the V-Brake and the roller brakes. The first is brake pads, which rub on the rim of the wheel. The latter is integrated into the axis of the wheel, which allows less wear and less frequent maintenance. You can also opt for disc brakes, very effective but also more fragile (they can more easily deform).

Tires: If you favor speed, choose fine tires instead, which will be more prone to punctures and less shock absorption. Note that tram rails are true traps for thin tires … A soft rubber will provide better grip, while a hard rubber will be more resistant. The right plan: tires that are more resistant to punctures (thick gum and layer of Kevlar).

We strongly recommend that you contact a specialized salesman: not only will he be able to help you choose the most suitable bike for your needs, but he will also provide you with an after-sales service (unlike most supermarkets, which do not perform repairs or interviews).

Interested in a supermarket promo? Better to know, the bikes sold by large retailers are often of poor quality, which will be more expensive in the long term (more frequent maintenance and repairs).

At what price?

Prices vary a lot because they depend on the equipment you want. Be aware, however, that below $400, you risk acquiring equipment of lower quality and it will ultimately prove more expensive in the long term.

What Kind of Bike For Trips?

The hybrid city bike

The city bike is perfect for your daily trips: go to work, make purchases … In addition to the legal equipment, some additional accessories ensure greater comfort: a chain guard (which will avoid the traces of fat on the pants), a crutch, a luggage rack or a basket. See some of these bikes here.

The folding bike

The folding bike is a must if you want to combine cycling and public transport. The most compact of them fold in seconds and embark without a problem (and free) on a bus or train. But this type of bike can also be a good solution for cyclists who do not have a place to store their bike.

A folding bike is, however, less comfortable and less stable than a conventional bike (avoid long hikes and paved roads), and its purchase price is higher (count at least $500 for a basic model).

The electric bike

The electric-assisted bicycle is useful for people who have more difficulty traveling by bike, but also for longer distances, for carrying heavier loads or for easier coasting.

An electric bike is hardly under $1500. The technology is constantly evolving, but the most important element is the battery: learn about the type of battery, its life (number of cycles “charge/discharge”) and its autonomy. Also, pay attention to the possibility of disassembling it for easy recharging. If your battery reaches the end of its life, it is possible to have it repaired rather than replaced: a more economical and ecological solution.

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