How Does a Waste Grinder Work?

The principle of operation of a waste disposer is very simple: first, it is connected between your sink and the drainage of waste water, the waste crusher is responsible for reducing the food waste into tiny pieces that came from your dinner.

By pressing a power button on the side, the waste stuck in the grinding chamber will be reduced to liquid and then evacuated in a conventional way by your piping.

The waste crusher will keep your kitchen clean. It does not require any special equipment for its installation except for the place under the sink. Waste crushers can be imposing and a power supply and a 90 mm minimum sink space are required – although it is possible on some crushers to insert an adapter.

If you aren’t quite sure where to start with buying a crusher then read reviews of garbage disposals here to inform yourself.


The advantage of the waste disposer is that it allows you to save on your household waste – some manufacturers make claims of 30% less waste – but also give better hygiene for your pipes, especially if your installation proves to be poor like most peoples.

Be careful, however, a waste disposer is not overpowered… you should avoid putting hard bones or garbage in it, otherwise, it will be damaged. If your situation requires this kind of needs, you should rather turn to professional shredders or even professional crushers but the prices will definitely be much higher.