Low Maintenance Breeds of Dogs

All dogs need love, attention, and training, but certain breeds are easier to care for than others. Choosing a breed that requires little preparation, exercise and is easy to train is the best choice for those people who do not have much time or space.

Low maintenance dogs are good pets for people who may not have enough time to groom their pet or for people who are lazy to take care of their pet.

Many times it happens that pet lovers buy a pet, enjoy the cleanliness and care of it for a month and suddenly realize that having a dog is not so easy and it takes a lot of time for the grooming of dogs and other maintenance activities.

In addition, as they are social animals, they require special attention. Some dogs have long, silky hair that requires brushing daily, while others do not have hair. Some dogs require daily exercise routines such as walking for their fitness, while others are lazy and have very low physical activity requirements.

Food, housing, physical activity, bath, brushing, health, etc. are some of the basic requirements of keeping a pet dog.

Therefore, we can say that each dog is unique and so are their maintenance needs.

A low maintenance dog can be defined as a dog that does not require frequent care, throws less hair, requires less exercise, does not have serious health problems, drool less, etc. There may be several reasons why one needs a dog.

No dog that requires zero maintenance! The dog breed such as Shih Tzu, which is a high maintenance dog, requires caring every two weeks, while a dog like Siba Inu can be cleaned by itself.

Many people want to adopt a pet, but they refrain from doing so because of their busy schedule. At such times, a low maintenance dog can make a good pet for them.

People living in apartments need a pet that fits easily into the small space. While others love dogs, they find it very difficult to take good care of the dog. When it comes to maintenance, dog hair fall is also a cause for concern.

Some breeds of dogs shed a lot of hair and this can create a mess in their home. Dogs that throw little hair, are hypoallergenic. As I said at the beginning, there are no dog breeds that do not require maintenance, but there are few dogs that have very low maintenance requirements.

Here is a brief information on some of the best dog breeds that are low maintenance.


Pugs with their small size are one of the best breeds of low maintenance dogs. Grooming these dogs is very easy and less exercise is required. They have very short hair on their body but require daily brushing to avoid their fall. Brushing them is very easy and requires no special efforts. They are good with children and lovely pets for families. On the other hand, they also get along with other domestic animals like cats. If you live in a small apartment and want a low maintenance dog then you should surely think about having a pug.


The Bullmastiff is one of the oversized bass-keeping dogs. The Bullmastiff is basically a cross breed of mastiff and Old English bulldog. This dog is very slow and requires less amount of exercise.

In addition, it has a very short coat and is among the dogs that do not throw hair or throw very little. The Bullmastiff is not a good pet for you if you live in a small space. Some of the general characteristics of this breed of dog include loyalty, calm and a high level of tolerance.

One disadvantage of this dog is that it tends to drool.

Boston Terrier

With a minimum of care requirements, Boston terriers are good pets. This breed of dog is small in size and its maximum weight is 15 to 25 pounds. The Boston Terriers are known for their loyal behavior towards their master, and even for their intelligence.

Although they are small in size, they are good protectors if properly trained. The dog requires low maintenance and is the best dog for people who lead a very busy lifestyle.

Shiba Inu

This dog breed comes from Japan and was originally bred for hunting. Like cats, these dogs like to stay clean all the time and therefore spend a lot of time in cleaning. This automatically makes your toilet work easy! On the other hand, Shiba Inus have very short, waterproof hair that is also low maintenance. These dogs are required to take daily walks.

If you are looking for a dog that can take good care of itself, then you should think about adopting a Shiba Inu.

A low maintenance dog can serve different requirements for each dog owner. Some may look for a dog that requires less exercise, while others may look for a dog that does not drool.

So, depending on your criteria, choose the best dog breeds mentioned above.