Guide For Cleaning Your Carpets

1. Cleaning mechanically

Economical and fast, this technique helps refresh the colors but is not powerful enough to eliminate dust mites and accumulations of dirt. After vacuuming, shampoo by following the instructions on the bottle, covering about 5 m2 (54 ft2) at a time – without wetting the carpet! The product is then brushed by circular motions on the insulated surfaces. If we have a wool carpet, we use a product made of this material.

2. Rent a machine

To clean a large area, rent a carpet extractor can be interesting, provided you have the right device. The expert recommends machines in tool rental centers, those offered in pharmacies or grocery stores being less efficient. “You have to choose a model equipped with a vacuum hose because the vibrations of an all-in-one machine are less active,” we also advise. Overall we have to say that a machine should only be used if you really know what you’re doing. If not then keep reading to see our next example.


3. Call on a pro

We suggest contacting several companies to compare the services offered. “Ideally, the specialist uses a truck-factory whose power is 10 times higher than that of a rental machine,” says the expert. This device, combined with products adapted to the types of soiling, stains, and odors, cleans the carpet and refurbishes it. “Prices are pretty similar from one company to another. It’s more the seriousness and the quality of the work which differ.¬†For example, there is $ 0.50 / ft2 for residential carpets, $ 1.50 / ft2 for shop-cleaned wool carpets, and a minimum of $ 100 per order is usually required. If you want some more guidance then read this guide on choosing a carpet cleaning company. It’s written by an actual company so there are some good tips there.