Guide For Cleaning Your Carpets

1. Cleaning mechanically

Economical and fast, this technique helps refresh the colors but is not powerful enough to eliminate dust mites and accumulations of dirt. After vacuuming, shampoo by following the instructions on the bottle, covering about 5 m2 (54 ft2) at a time – without wetting the carpet! The product is then brushed by circular motions on the insulated surfaces. If we have a wool carpet, we use a product made of this material.

2. Rent a machine

To clean a large area, rent a carpet extractor can be interesting, provided you have the right device. The expert recommends machines in tool rental centers, those offered in pharmacies or grocery stores being less efficient. “You have to choose a model equipped with a vacuum hose because the vibrations of an all-in-one machine are less active,” we also advise. Overall we have to say that a machine should only be used if you really know what you’re doing. If not then keep reading to see our next example.


3. Call on a pro

We suggest contacting several companies to compare the services offered. “Ideally, the specialist uses a truck-factory whose power is 10 times higher than that of a rental machine,” says the expert. This device, combined with products adapted to the types of soiling, stains, and odors, cleans the carpet and refurbishes it. “Prices are pretty similar from one company to another. It’s more the seriousness and the quality of the work which differ. For example, there is $ 0.50 / ft2 for residential carpets, $ 1.50 / ft2 for shop-cleaned wool carpets, and a minimum of $ 100 per order is usually required. If you want some more guidance then read this guide on choosing a carpet cleaning company. It’s written by an actual company so there are some good tips there.

What Type Of Bike Is Best For You?

Buying a bike cannot be improvised: the type of bike you choose and its characteristics will depend on the use you make of it. It is also an investment: it is better to learn carefully, compare and, if necessary, test!

Some Generalities

bikeThe frame: the steel is heavier but cash better shocks. The lighter aluminum frame will be usefully supplemented with a suspension that will help cushion the shock (very useful on paved routes!)

Speeds: If you drive mainly in the city and for commercial journeys, 7 or 8 speeds will suffice, which will allow you to opt for a gearbox integrated into the hub (which does not derail and allows to change gears at the same time. ‘stop). If you plan to hike in hilly terrain, opt for a classic derailleur, which combines trays (at the front) and gears (at the rear) to reach up to 27 speeds.

Brakes: Several systems exist, but the most widespread is the V-Brake and the roller brakes. The first is brake pads, which rub on the rim of the wheel. The latter is integrated into the axis of the wheel, which allows less wear and less frequent maintenance. You can also opt for disc brakes, very effective but also more fragile (they can more easily deform).

Tires: If you favor speed, choose fine tires instead, which will be more prone to punctures and less shock absorption. Note that tram rails are true traps for thin tires … A soft rubber will provide better grip, while a hard rubber will be more resistant. The right plan: tires that are more resistant to punctures (thick gum and layer of Kevlar).

We strongly recommend that you contact a specialized salesman: not only will he be able to help you choose the most suitable bike for your needs, but he will also provide you with an after-sales service (unlike most supermarkets, which do not perform repairs or interviews).

Interested in a supermarket promo? Better to know, the bikes sold by large retailers are often of poor quality, which will be more expensive in the long term (more frequent maintenance and repairs).

At what price?

Prices vary a lot because they depend on the equipment you want. Be aware, however, that below $400, you risk acquiring equipment of lower quality and it will ultimately prove more expensive in the long term.

What Kind of Bike For Trips?

The hybrid city bike

The city bike is perfect for your daily trips: go to work, make purchases … In addition to the legal equipment, some additional accessories ensure greater comfort: a chain guard (which will avoid the traces of fat on the pants), a crutch, a luggage rack or a basket. See some of these bikes here.

The folding bike

The folding bike is a must if you want to combine cycling and public transport. The most compact of them fold in seconds and embark without a problem (and free) on a bus or train. But this type of bike can also be a good solution for cyclists who do not have a place to store their bike.

A folding bike is, however, less comfortable and less stable than a conventional bike (avoid long hikes and paved roads), and its purchase price is higher (count at least $500 for a basic model).

The electric bike

The electric-assisted bicycle is useful for people who have more difficulty traveling by bike, but also for longer distances, for carrying heavier loads or for easier coasting.

An electric bike is hardly under $1500. The technology is constantly evolving, but the most important element is the battery: learn about the type of battery, its life (number of cycles “charge/discharge”) and its autonomy. Also, pay attention to the possibility of disassembling it for easy recharging. If your battery reaches the end of its life, it is possible to have it repaired rather than replaced: a more economical and ecological solution.

Each year, a new edition of the magazines “E-Bike” advises you at best in the choice of your electric bike. In 100 pages, this guide covers the latest technology, practical advice and offers a bunch of different models.

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Low Maintenance Breeds of Dogs

All dogs need love, attention, and training, but certain breeds are easier to care for than others. Choosing a breed that requires little preparation, exercise and is easy to train is the best choice for those people who do not have much time or space.

Low maintenance dogs are good pets for people who may not have enough time to groom their pet or for people who are lazy to take care of their pet.

Many times it happens that pet lovers buy a pet, enjoy the cleanliness and care of it for a month and suddenly realize that having a dog is not so easy and it takes a lot of time for the grooming of dogs and other maintenance activities.

In addition, as they are social animals, they require special attention. Some dogs have long, silky hair that requires brushing daily, while others do not have hair. Some dogs require daily exercise routines such as walking for their fitness, while others are lazy and have very low physical activity requirements.

Food, housing, physical activity, bath, brushing, health, etc. are some of the basic requirements of keeping a pet dog.

Therefore, we can say that each dog is unique and so are their maintenance needs.

A low maintenance dog can be defined as a dog that does not require frequent care, throws less hair, requires less exercise, does not have serious health problems, drool less, etc. There may be several reasons why one needs a dog.

No dog that requires zero maintenance! The dog breed such as Shih Tzu, which is a high maintenance dog, requires caring every two weeks, while a dog like Siba Inu can be cleaned by itself.

Many people want to adopt a pet, but they refrain from doing so because of their busy schedule. At such times, a low maintenance dog can make a good pet for them.

People living in apartments need a pet that fits easily into the small space. While others love dogs, they find it very difficult to take good care of the dog. When it comes to maintenance, dog hair fall is also a cause for concern.

Some breeds of dogs shed a lot of hair and this can create a mess in their home. Dogs that throw little hair, are hypoallergenic. As I said at the beginning, there are no dog breeds that do not require maintenance, but there are few dogs that have very low maintenance requirements.

Here is a brief information on some of the best dog breeds that are low maintenance.


Pugs with their small size are one of the best breeds of low maintenance dogs. Grooming these dogs is very easy and less exercise is required. They have very short hair on their body but require daily brushing to avoid their fall. Brushing them is very easy and requires no special efforts. They are good with children and lovely pets for families. On the other hand, they also get along with other domestic animals like cats. If you live in a small apartment and want a low maintenance dog then you should surely think about having a pug.


The Bullmastiff is one of the oversized bass-keeping dogs. The Bullmastiff is basically a cross breed of mastiff and Old English bulldog. This dog is very slow and requires less amount of exercise.

In addition, it has a very short coat and is among the dogs that do not throw hair or throw very little. The Bullmastiff is not a good pet for you if you live in a small space. Some of the general characteristics of this breed of dog include loyalty, calm and a high level of tolerance.

One disadvantage of this dog is that it tends to drool.

Boston Terrier

With a minimum of care requirements, Boston terriers are good pets. This breed of dog is small in size and its maximum weight is 15 to 25 pounds. The Boston Terriers are known for their loyal behavior towards their master, and even for their intelligence.

Although they are small in size, they are good protectors if properly trained. The dog requires low maintenance and is the best dog for people who lead a very busy lifestyle.

Shiba Inu

This dog breed comes from Japan and was originally bred for hunting. Like cats, these dogs like to stay clean all the time and therefore spend a lot of time in cleaning. This automatically makes your toilet work easy! On the other hand, Shiba Inus have very short, waterproof hair that is also low maintenance. These dogs are required to take daily walks.

If you are looking for a dog that can take good care of itself, then you should think about adopting a Shiba Inu.

A low maintenance dog can serve different requirements for each dog owner. Some may look for a dog that requires less exercise, while others may look for a dog that does not drool.

So, depending on your criteria, choose the best dog breeds mentioned above.

How Does a Waste Grinder Work?

The principle of operation of a waste disposer is very simple: first, it is connected between your sink and the drainage of waste water, the waste crusher is responsible for reducing the food waste into tiny pieces that came from your dinner.

By pressing a power button on the side, the waste stuck in the grinding chamber will be reduced to liquid and then evacuated in a conventional way by your piping.

The waste crusher will keep your kitchen clean. It does not require any special equipment for its installation except for the place under the sink. Waste crushers can be imposing and a power supply and a 90 mm minimum sink space are required – although it is possible on some crushers to insert an adapter.

If you aren’t quite sure where to start with buying a crusher then read reviews of garbage disposals here to inform yourself.


The advantage of the waste disposer is that it allows you to save on your household waste – some manufacturers make claims of 30% less waste – but also give better hygiene for your pipes, especially if your installation proves to be poor like most peoples.

Be careful, however, a waste disposer is not overpowered… you should avoid putting hard bones or garbage in it, otherwise, it will be damaged. If your situation requires this kind of needs, you should rather turn to professional shredders or even professional crushers but the prices will definitely be much higher.

Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

Keeping the kitchen clean requires a daily and constant work.  Cooking causes stains. The use of a lot of products can be bad for us in these times. In addition to ecology, the use of soap, vinegar, baking soda, and lemon can solve almost all our problems when it comes to eliminating the grease and dirt in our kitchen.

The stoves

For the kitchen stove, we can use several options. One is to use dishwasher soap and warm water, rub and rinse. Although, the most economical and natural are vinegar and lemon.

In the case of glass ceramic and induction stoves, we must always clean with cold, to avoid crusting of the cloth or sponge. As an alternative to products for this type of kitchens, we can use bicarbonate diluted in warm water or vinegar. Before drying we can rub a lemon and rinse with the cloth. There are degreasers as well, but the ecological and economical option is to use a cloth moistened in hot water with sodium bicarbonate. We can also use natural soap or dishwasher, rub, rinse and dry with a dry cloth.

The extractor

Once it has been disconnected, we will remove the panels and soak them with degreaser or vinegar. The inside of the extractor will be cleaned with a sponge moistened with vinegar. The exterior, with vinegar or lemon diluted in water.

Marble: The best is soapy water, rinse and dry just after each use. If the stain is recent, a handful of salt to absorb the liquid.

Wood: it is enough to clean it with water, although once a year will have to do a waterproofing treatment with oil.

Laminated: better, with soap and water.

Unnatural stone: with water and baking soda, water, and soap or with water and vinegar.

Sinks and faucets

If this is stainless steel, it is best to clean with vinegar or diluted soap in warm water and rinse. If we want to give it more shine we can rub with lemon and dry. In a white enamel sink, we can prevent it from yellowing with lye and water, or with vinegar and warm water. For examples of the types of faucets that will use this method go here

The steam that comes from boiling the juice of 4 lemons is great for cutting grease out. For the maintenance of faucets, the use of vinegar or lemon juice with water is usually quite effective and highly recommended. To unclog drains, we can mix a quarter cup of baking soda with half a cup of vinegar.

Tiling and walls

The normal thing is to clean them with degreasing products and to let them act until the rinsing with the damp cloth. We can also do this with white vinegar diluted in water, rinsed and dried. A good method is to boil the juice of 4 lemons. The vapor that comes off results degreasing, softening the dirt and facilitating its extraction.

The refrigerator

To clean it, we will remove the drawers and shelves and wash it with water and natural soap or wash the dishes. Rub with a soft sponge, rinse with a damp cloth and dry. We can also choose to use warm water and bicarbonate, which absorbs and neutralizes odors.

What is a Mala?

mala beadsA mala (or Japa Mala) is a Buddhist or Hindu rosary used to count prayers and mantras.

It is traditionally composed of 108 pearls and a central ball called a Guru (or Meru), which represents the Master. Some malas contain fewer beads, in which case there will always be a multiple of 9.

The manufacturing of a mala is done with the conscience of mind, in the calm, the letting go and the present moment. A precise intention can also be thought of.

Why 108 Beads?

The number 108 is sacred in the Indian tradition, as well as in many other spiritual traditions in the world. Its symbolism is very vast, it is found in sacred architecture, cosmic cycles, myths and legends, philosophy.


The seeds of Rudraksha are traditionally used for the making of malas. They come from a tree that grows in India and are also called “tears of Shiva”. The legend tells that during a meditation session, Shiva would have visualized the sufferings of the world and that he would have cried. One of his tears fell to the ground and a tree was born, the seeds of which are called Rudraksha.

According to Ayurveda, wearing seeds of Rudraksha would be beneficial to calm the nerves and help with concentration. They would also have electromagnetic properties that would help reduce hypertension and depression.

Semi-Precious Beads

Beyond the aesthetic aspect, the presence of semi-precious stones allows incorporating the mineral energy in the malas.

The stones are chosen to offer the malas a specific vibration that will come to work on different aspects of the body, the emotion, and the mind. For example, the pink quartz directs us towards the softness and the opening of the heart, the amethyst calms the mind, lapis lazuli brings wisdom and lucidity.

Reciting mantras with a mala is a beautiful way to send a prayer or to put energy into a project or a process (change, healing …). It is also an effective way to calm the mind at night and facilitate sleep.

The person who recites a mantra will at the same time emit harmonizing sound vibrations and receive the subtle vibrations of the mala that it has in hands. According to tradition, our first mala is offered to us as a gift. He then becomes our companion of meditation and he takes charge of our energy and our prayers.

Where to buy Malas?

To get some malas you can just head down to your local yoga or meditation center.  If you happen to own a yoga center then you would buy from a wholesale supplier like this one.  You can also buy from larger eCommerce suppliers like Alibaba.